Portable Alert eliminates the need to hire expensive contractors while still providing an exceptional do-it-yourself security system.

Portable Alert LLC is a new company which has patent pending technology to provide portable security in a manner which the industry has not seen. With over 25 years experience in the electrical and security industries, Portable Alert LLC can provide you the ability to protect your interests in a simple easy and convenient way that is user friendly, quick setup, and a very effective tool in the prevention of unwanted events involving your properties while you are away.

We offer a carry-in Portable Suitcase Security System. This system will alert the owner of intrusion, freezing temperatures, and smoke detection by calling/texting up to 10 designated phone numbers. The system will also send a call/text at the same time every day as an indicator it is working properly. there is a switch to turn this option off if desired. It comes with a battery backup and will alert you upon loss of normal power as well.

A user friendly system to ensure your cabin, lake house, or any vacant property stays secure and damage free. It is a simple 10 minute set up that requires 120V and internet. The Deluxe Model will have a camera which can be accessed remotely upon a sensor activation. We can modify the system in any way so that it meets specific customers' needs. The systems are made to order.

  • Full utility patent
  • Portable security system
  • Made to order systems or custom made
  • The only system available that the customer can custom order
  • Can cover Normal power loss, smoke, motion, low temp, water flow
  • Hi visibility strobe upon activation of any event
  • Upon any event, Portable Alert will call and text up to 10 numbers simultaneously
  • Can incorporate an IP camera which after the installation of an app on your phone, upon any event activation the camera will go live immediately on your cell phone
  • Can use local internet or we can incorporate wireless internet
  • Portable Alert can be moved anywhere providing portable security unlike anything else available

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